Pittsburgh to win by three points over Dallas: That's my line for Sunday's Super Bowl.

Here is how I arrive at my pick:

Team speed -- Both teams have the flashiest, most exciting players in the NFL at split end positions. Teams even.

Quarterback -- Two points to Pittsburgh's Terry Bradshaw, who has been playing super football the last few games, while Roger Staubach has recently not been up to par. In fact, Dallas could have lost to both Atlanta and Los Angeles, but came on to win.

Defensive secondary -- Each team is vulnerable at left corner, and both Bradshaw and Staubach will attack that weakness. Both teams play the pass on third-and-long situations, with a fifth back in, extremely well. Teams even.

Defensive front -- One point to Dallas, because Pittsburgh will have to employ two linemen to cover Randy White. And Ed Jones must also be reckoned with.

Offensive line -- Edge to Pittsburgh by one point. Harvey Martin's injured knee has kept him from playing up to par and he will be dominated by the Steelers' Jon Kolb.

Running game -- In part because of the strong Pittsbugh offensive line, it rates one point. Though on first down or obvious running situations Dallas will bring a linebacker in close to stop Franco Harris.

Special teams -- Dallas' chances of blocking a punt or field goal -- particularly with Too Tall Jones -- are better. Add a slight advantage because of punter Danny White. Dallas by I.

Kicking game -- Roy Gerela doesn't like kicking off natural turf; Rafael Septien has been a bit more reliable but neither rates an edge.