Bowie Kuhn, in a move obviously pointed at the champion New York Yankees, declared yesterday, as a spokesman for the commissioner said, "He wants to see the horse before the cart, not vice versa," in the matter of Rod Carew.

Kuhn will not permit, was the word, any more teams to negotiate with Carew until they first satisfy the Minnesota Twins in a deal for the seven-time American League batting champion. It was the Yankees' turn to dicker with the star who is heading into his option year and has veto power over any trade.

Al Rosen, Yank president, responded by saying his club will make a firm offer to the Twins within the next few days -- but:

"We feel that one team (California) has had an unfair advantage in negotiation with Carew," Rosen said. "One club has reached agreement with him and that's to the detriment of the other 12 clubs. This is the way it should have been all along. We were prevented from talking to Carew (while) the Angels received that permission."

The Twins rejected the California trade offer last week because the Angels wouldn't include third baseman Carney Lansford. Now, ventured Rosen, "Buzzie (Bavasi, Angel president) knows what he has to do to make the deal," or will as soon as the Yanks make their bid to Minnesota.