We would like to take exception to an article published on Friday, Jan. 26, 1979, in reference to the RV industry.

We feel your statement the RVs are gas gulpers is not fair. It is true an RV, be it towed behind an auto or driven, consumes more fuel than an average automobile.

I would like to call to your attention that generally when an RV rolls for the weekend or an extended vacation, it contatins the entire family. The average family has two to three vehicles, of some type as well as a home or an apartment, and depending on the time of the year utilizes heat or air conditioning.For this reason, the vacationing family in an RV uses less energy than when at home, operating under narmal circumstances.

Considerable dollars and a lot of effort have been put forth to provide the Washington public a complete showing at the Armory through today of the various types of RV vehicles available.

The comment (concerning RVs being) crammed nose to nose, across width and breadth of the armory, is not appreciated.

What motivates the modern american public is the desire to spend some leisure time in a healthful, relaxed environment away from the hustle-bustle of the city. A very small portion of RVs deliver less than eight to nine miles per gallon. We feel that camping is a family activity designed to promote family understanding and enjoyment among parents and children, which is definitely needed to combat the fast pace of today's living.

In the present economic times, camping provides the average wage-earning public with a way to travel and enjoy the many fine parks and monuments, and to explore the natural histroy of our country.

Robert G. Culver

President National Capital Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association

The University of Virginia has dropped Florida from its (football) schedule because Florida is too tough. Good. Now, if Athletic Director Gene Corrigan would resign, the program would be even better. He won't. He is looking to schedule someone with whom his mama's boys can be competitive.

I suggest the College of Our Sisters of Mercy. The best part of a UVA game is the UVA pep band, which shows a sense of humor. A real laugh would be to schedule Marshall University. A sellout crowd in Charlottesville would be assured, and the laughter would be heard all the way to Warrenton as a real coach playing mostly freshmen would just stomp Corrigan's little gentle boys.

J. K. Wood


It seems as though the entire sports media has jumped on the so-called "AFC Supremacy" bandwagon. What mysterious powers did the Baltimore Colts, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers inherit when the merger of the NFL and AFL occurred prior to Super Bowl 5 and they became part of the AFC. Put in proper perspective, the old NFC has had 13 of the 18 representatives in Super Bowls 5 thru 13.

Ronald E. Mader

Fairfax, Va.

Who is an Ozark Ike (referring to a Jan. 22 headline, "Bradshaw Sheds 'Ozark Ike' Image")? I was sitting in the Capitol the other day when it was my pleasure to see a copy of your paper.

How long has Terry Bradshaw been an Ozark Ike? Do three Super Bowl victories and a few playoff games mean anything by age 30?

It is certainly to be hoped that he doesn't repeat with another assist from the rest of the Steelers. How would you haedline that?

Bradshaw Bounces Back from Senility!

Scott A. Sherry

Westerville, Ohio