Dallas' nonpareil Bob Lilly will be eligible for Fame next year, bringing us around to a last hurrah for Jethro Pugh: he retired yesterday, last survivor of the Cowboys' original Doomsday Defense, yet -- can you believe it? -- not once in his 14 NFL years namecd Al-Pro or to a Pro Bowl squad.

Pugh holds the NFL record for playoff games, 23 (his battered body was witheld from Super Bowl 13), yet his greatest measure of fame came from the negative side: It was Pugh whom Packer guard Jerry Kramer rode out of the way for Bart Starr's quarterback senak to victory in the 1967 NFL title game in 13-below-zero Green Bay.

"That still disturbs me... it has been an almost constant reminder," says Pugh. "The ground was frozen and our line just couldn't dig in. I'm still bothered by frostbite from that game to this day."

Another retiree, at least promising anew to announce his retirement in a few days, is Muhummad Ali, this time so stating on the steps of New York's City Hall as he Received the key to the city... Meantime, Louisville Lip II, 20-year-old Greg Page of numerous amateur heavyweight boxing titles. has begun training for his pro debut (in Lousiville Feb. 16) by setting up HQ in Joe Frazier's gym, Philadephia...

Terry Forstor, the Dodger reliever, had a daughter, Kimberly, 5, in that San Diego school during yesterdayhs sniper incident; she was unhurt... By Wimbledon time, it will be Christine Evert Lloyd, the women's tennis star told New York interviewers yesterday; Evert and British Davis Cupper John Lloyd to tie the knot "sometime between the Garden tournament (March 21-25 in Madison Square Garden) and Wimbledon in June."