Redskin Coach Jack Pardee apparently has decided not to include veteran linebacker Chris Hanburger and defensive end Ron McDole in the team's 1979 plans, The Washington Post has learned.

Pardee called both players into his office at Redskin Park this week to discuss their futures with the team.

"There is a possibility that we won't ask them back," Pardee said yesterday.

Hanburger's contract expires Thursday, but the Redskins could keep him by exercising the option year (1979). McDole, 39, has no option year on his contract and will become a free agent Thursday.

"We talked to both of them to get their feelings so we will know what our approach will be," Pardee said. "Neither player has fully decided if he wants to be back or not."

Reached last night, Hanburger, 37, said, "I have no comment to make on anything to do with my future as a Redskin."

"They apparently just don't want me around," said McDole, who has played 18 years, eight with the Redskins. "But I told them I wasn't going to retire, at least not right now.

"Everyone else whose contract was up got a letter except me," said McDole. "So I guess I'm not getting one. I just assume they don't want me to play anymore.

"But I feel good and think I could help some other team as a backup tackle or end,or block kicks," he added.

The Rdskins have made qualifying offers to safety Kne Houston and running back Mke thomas, who have played out their options and officially become free agents Thursday.Also becoming a free agent Thursday is wide receiver Danny Buggs, whose expired contract did not have an option clause. On Thursday the other 27 NFL teams can make offers to these players, although the Redskins can keep them by matching the offer, or receive compensation if the player signs with another team.

A qualifying offer, the minimum a team can make to a potential free agent, is determined by the experience of the player.

A team must make a qualifying offer if it wants to receive compensation should the player sign with another team.

The Redskins are confident they can keep Houston, but expect to lose Thomas, who fell from favor with the team last year. The Buggs situation is uncertain.

Tight end Jean Fugett and safety Jake Scott, whose contracts have expired, still have their option years remaining. The Redskins sent both letters saying their options will be exercised.

Pardee and Genral Manager Bobby Beathard reportedly are disenchanted with what they feel are negative attitudes of some holdovers from the George Allen regime, including Hanburger, Fugett, Scott, McDole, Billy Kilmer and Thomas.

Hanburger has played 14 seasons with the Redskins, making the Pro Bowl squad nine times. He is considered one of the best outside linebackers to play in the NFL, making use of his exceptional quickness and savvy. He weighs only 218 pounds, which is small for an NFL linebacker.