Dave Jennings, the Pro Bowl punter of the New York Giants, and Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann surprised an NFL contingent that included such stars as Greg Pruitt, Lynn Swann, Tony Dorsett, Thomas Henderson, Bill Bergey and Lyle Alzado today in finishing first and sceond, respectively, in the fourth preliminary to the men's Superstars competition.

Jennings won three of 10 enents -- swimming, rowing and the bicycle race -- for a total of 39 points and $13,900. He placed ahead of Theismann, who made a surprisingly effective showing in winning tennis, bowling and the half-mile run. Theismann's second-place finish earned him $8,600.

Pruitt, the Cleveland Browns running back and last year's winner of the fourth preliminary, finished fourth with 23 points as he scored an exciting victory over Swann in the obstacle course.

Swann, the gifted wide receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers, place second in the half-mile run and the obstacle course to score the majorlty of his 25 points. He finished third, worth $2,500.

Jennings, Theismann, Pruitt and Swann will return to kFreeport Feb. 6 to compete in the seventh kannual final against Dwight Stones, Ron LeFlore, Ben Davidson, John Havlicek, Jim Taylor, Maury Wills and Bill Buckner plus defending champion Wayne Grimditch for the $25,000 first prize and the right to kcompete in the World Superstars event in March.