Jim Kehoe has a new job -- working for Tom McMillen.

It's Sports Fitness International, formed recently by former Maryland basketball star McMillen, now of the NBA Atlanta Hawks. Kehoe, who retired in September after nine years as Maryland athletic director, is president of Sports Fitness International, thanks to primary stockholder McMillen.

McMillen, one of the athletes who helped Kehoe and his coaches bring the Terrapins out of the basketball-football dark ages, told The Post's Paul Attner that SFI is designed to fill a void he feels exists "in marketing the sports resources of this country to the rest of the world."

"We are like brokers," said McMillen, 26. "Let's say a country wants to hire five coaches to give basketball clinics. They contact us, we hire the coaches and set up and run the clinics and the country pays us for the services.

"We think there is a large call among international businesses for this type of service, too. If someone feels they have a need for an expert in sports, physical fitness or recreation, they can call on us."

That's for conventions, clinics, camps, coaching programs, consultant services, all the way to complete sports development or specialized Olympic programs.

McMillen said he approached Kehoe on a suggestion from former Sen. Joe Tydings and, "it was such a logical decision," said the 6-foot-11 erstwhile Rhodes Scholar. "If he does for us what he did for Maryland, we'll have quite an operation."

Just don't send Lefty to Qatar and forget to bring him back.

Charlie Finley doesn't have a manager for his Oakland A's with spring training two weeks off -- "waiting to see if someone buys the team," whether it's kept in Oakland or moved to New Orleans or Denver or wherever... "If it isn't sold by the first day of spring training, then I'll name the new manager"...

For the Baltimore (?) Orioles, training in Miami opens four days earlier than usual (Feb. 23 for batterymen) with an eye toward getting a better AL jump than the 1-4 and 0-5 season starts of '77 and '78... But the Yankees, in pursuit of their third straight world championship, beat all with a Feb. 12 "informal workout" for their pitchers and catchers, first "formal, fullscale" limbering Feb. 19. Yanks and O's open exhibition season head to head with Fort Lauderdale-Miami home-and-homer March 10-11.