The girl on the wrestling varsity at Bellevue (Wash.) High School has finished her season early with a 2-0 record -- and a shoulder separation.

The two wins for sophomore Rhonda Bingham came, much to her chagrin, by forfeit. The boys entered against her in the 115-pound division begged off -- as one said, "You could only use half your moves."

The injury occurred in practice, the doctor ordered her to keep the shoulder immobilized for three weeks, and she is out of the Kingco Conference jayvee tournament. But her coach, Fred Bourque, says just wait: "Rhonda says she's determined to come out next year and be better... I'm going to get her on weights this year to get her a little stronger."

Meantime, two other sophomore girls have approached Bourque about wrestling next season, leading the coach to quip, maybe only half in jest:

"We may win all our meets by forfeit."

Here in Washington, the Howard U. wrestling program has collapsed in a heap of canceled matches, after decimation of the team by academic and other problems, and now, finally, resignation of Phil Cunningham as coach. A regular faculty member but part-time coach in his second season, Cunningham regretfully has had to tell the few remaining on the mostly freshman varsity that Howard is out of the MEAC championships Feb. 16-17 and the Capital Collegiate Conference meet at GW Feb. 20.

So how come B. B. Flenory, the Duquesne guard who leads all Eastern Eight basketball scorers, didn't play after all Wednesday night when the Dukes lost, 92-63, at West Virginia? With his background of past incidents in Duquesne-WVU games, Flenory was saying he felt something "terrible" awaited him at the arena in Morgantown -- but when West Virginia officials said maybe it would be better if he stayed home, he said he was coming. Then the Dukes stopped at a restaurant just outside Morgantown for a snack, and a waitress showed Flenory a copy of the WVU student newspaper -- with a picture of Flenory hanging in effigy. When the team reached the coliseum, he called his father and arranged for a ride back to Pittsburgh. B.B., and his 21-point average, were gone by game time.

Nat Williams, who revived boxing at the Washington Coliseum with a Jan. 22 card he said drew 590 paid, presents another show at the 3rd and M Streets NE building Monday, 8 p.m. Main event, 10 rounds, welters Roland Pryor of here versus Tyrone Phelps of New York; tab, $8 and $5 ( $2 for under-12ers). Also, sixrounders matching Javon Pratt-Donald Wilson, Henry Bunch-Wilbert Crews, C.J. Faison-Butterfly Hughes, and a four-rounder giving Andre Mordecai of Largo a chance to put his dukes where his talker is, against Tyrone Johnson of Philly. Mordecai is the novice pro who made -- er, took -- such a hit (kayoed) in the D.C. Armory Tournament of Future Champions, but came back with several newspaper display ads warning Roberto Duran to watch out, Andre is after the lightweight title. Duran must have believed; he just abandoned the 135-pound division to become a welterweight, didn't he?

Oh, the Jan. 22 winners, at last revealed: Dale Staley, Biff Cline, David Johnson, Derrik Holmes and Pratt, all by quick kayoes.

Kyle Petty, the stocker family's 19-year-old, won a front-row spot for the first superspeedway race of his career in Daytona Beach qualifying yesterday for Sunday's ARCA 200-miler, hitting a top lap of 189.243 mph. But he lost the pole to John Rezak of Alvin, Tex., 191.416...

Bill Veeck, the White Sox owner, technically turned senior citizen yesterday and at a 65th birthday party in Comiskey Park they gave him a dozen neckties -- knowing he hasn't worn a tie his entire maturity, and isn't about to... On Valentine's Day, to celebrate the 72nd birthday of fabulous jockey Johnny Longden, Santa Anita will lay out a furlong-long cake. That's 660 feet by six inches wide except for a 24-inch bulge for center decoration; it will stand parallel to the homestretch, until consumed by the patrons.

Born: In New York on Wednesday, Emma Linda Pollin, daughter of Robert and Sigrid and first grandchild for Abe Pollin. Did he say no thrill could top the NBA championship?