I'm from North Carolina, but I frequently see papers from New York, Los Angeles and Massachusetts. And it has always been puzzling to me why Kelly Tripucka gets all the Notre Dame Press.

Then last week Notre Dame was coming to College Park to play the University of Maryland, so I got my hands on your Washington Post, and again the whole article was "Kelly Tripucka."

I moght be able to understand New York and Massachusetts and even Los Angeles, but isn't Tracy Jackson [formerly of Paint Branch High School] from the Washington area?

Maryland upset Notre Dame and... it seemed that when Digger Phelps' team was on the ropes he turned away from his so-called All-America Super Soph (Tripucka) and turned to Jackson, and in turn Jackson performed.

When the season started, one magazine chose the 10 Super Sophomores in the country. Tracy Jackson's not a Super Sophomore?

It seems to me he's getting the same treatment Walter Davis got. Then he'll go to the pros and everyone will say, "He must have held back in college."

... I have seen Hawkeye Whitney, Jeff Lamp, Albert King and Kelly Tripucka, and thus far in my opinion Jackson is the best small forward in college basketball.