The future role of Jerold C. Hoffberger, Baltimore Oriole board chairman, in club affairs is apparently causing some dissension within a goup of Baltimore businessmen planning to buy the club with the aid of a Hoffberger loan.

Some members of the businessmen's group are reportedly balking at Hoffbergerhs desire to remain as board chairman or be named president until the $4 million loan is paid off at 6 percent interest in the next five years.

The group has been negotiating with Hoffberger, also the club's principal owner, to buy the team for $12 million. The group would raise $6 million, borrow another $4 million from Hoffberger, and use $2 million in the club's treasury until the cash can be replaced by an intrastate stock offering.

But some of the businessmen, wanting a break with the past and a fresh face for the club, are reluctant to let Hoffberger stay on in a leadership capacity.

Since Hoffberger would be a major creditor, however, he "is certainly entitled to make sure there are safeguards so his debt will be paid back," one member said. "We are defining what role Mr. Hoffberger will play. It's resolvable. We will come up with a solution which satisfies both of them."

Meanwhile, leaders of the city's 50 largest businesses will meet with the mayor this morning in an effort to boost season-ticket sales. The businessmen's group is hoping the corporations will pledge to buy 400,000 tickets, amounting to about $2 million in advance sales.