Bob Ferry, general manager of the Bullets, said yesterday it was "very doubtful" that Mitch Kupchak would be activated for tonight's game against the Seattle SuperSonics.

Kupchak, who has been on the injured-reserve list with an inflamed Achilles' tendon, worked out at Capital Centre yesterday. Ferry was not pleased with what he witnessed.

"Mitch is very cautious with it," said Ferry. "He is favoring it, even though it really doesn't hurt him that much. He wasn't that happy, either.

Kupchak said the workout went "about as I expected. I didn't feel great during it, but the big test will come tomorrow morning. I want to see how it feels when I wake up. If it doesn't hurt, I will work out on it again. If it still feels okay, I will ask them to let me play (against Seattle).

"But if it feels bad, I will lay off for a few days. I sure would like to get back at least by Sunday."

Kupchak has been plagued by the injury since Jan. 23 and was finally forced to the sideline Feb. 1. Since then, he has played in one game, then went on the injured-reserve list. After last night's contest against Houston, he had sat out the required number of five games. Ferry said he had not yet decided which player Kupchak would replace on the roster when he was activated, "but my options are pretty obvious."

He could drop either rookies Dave Corzine or Roger Phegley or return guard Phil Chenier to the injured list.Because of Chenier's lack of game conditioning the latter alternative is the most probable choice.

If Chenier returns to the injured list, he also must sit out five games before he can be reactivated.