Concerning the Dave Kindred column of Feb. 8 entitled "Big Numbers Hit Nerve at William and Mary":

Your central theme is based on Mr. Mims' contention that academic standards must be compromised in order to have a successful football program and is a throwback to the "dumb jock" cliche which went out with leather helmets. Concluding that a good football program takes good players -- and good football players are not intelligent -- therefore a college with a good football program must have low academic standards is a ludicrous piece of reasoning

Furthermore, your demographic musings to support the argument that there are neither enough people around Williamsburg to fill a 30,000-seat stadium nor the facilities to handle this many people are based purely on emotion and completely disregard the facts. The facts are these:

William and Mary is located within a one-hour drive of over 16 million people in an area of Virginia which is growing at 2 1/2 to four times faster than the state as a whole.

Williamsburg, as a tourist attraction, annually handles in excess of 1.5 million visitors from all over the country.

There are no NFL teams or, with the exception of Richmond, any other Division I-A schools closer than Charlottesville to compete for William and Mary's gate.

As president of the student association Mr. Mims has the responsibility to voice the opinions of the group he represents. However, it must be remembered that many times the student association does not represent the views of all the students, let alone the many diverse factions that constitute a college community.