When Jim Bouton chucked his mound comeback with Atlanta this winter to return to vocal pitching on New York's WCBS-TV, he bounced Ron Swoboda, the old Terp/Met (released by Atlanta in 1974, small world) all the way from the CBS flagship channel to WISN-TV, Milwaukee. So it was former Yankee Bouton in Fort Lauderdale yesterday trying to get Yankee captain Thurman Munson to chat into his mike and almost having said mike jammed into his face before giving up after the umpth try. Munson doesn't like guys who write books like "Ball Four" any more than he likes "women's libbers," as he made clear in gruffly refusing autographs to two women fans who showed up a couple weeks ago at a stag charity roast in Munson's hometown of Canton, Ohio.

S'all right, Bouton, keep the mike handy -- Reggie Jackson is on his way to Florida -- with parting words in Oakland: "Yankee management is not pro-Reggie Jackson. I can't even talk to George Steinbrenner (except) when he reads something in the paper. I've got to get some publicity to get him to talk to me."

Now that Marty Glickman is off the N.Y. Jets' airwave team for '79, will his unbroken string of 29 years covering New York pro football on radio be broken (even as Met listeners lose Lindsey Nelson to the San Francisco Giants)? Dunno, but Mike Lange returns as play-by-play voice of the soccer Dips for all 30 regular-season games on WTOP-AM-1500... And the sportscaster the sportscaster of the year in the annual balloting of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association: Vin Scully.