The next time Rod Carew plays in Baltimore, the Oriole fan is going to applaud him for not succumbing to George Steinbrenner's antics and an almost assured World Championship ring.

Rod's anti-Yankee remarks showed a lot of guts and hopefully dealt a heavy blow to this free-agent mess. How can Georgie say Carew didn't understand the privilege of playing for the mighty Yanks? Doesn't George understand the privilege of playing for such peons as the Angels, Red Sox, Orioles, etc.?

Carew proved a player can turn down playing in the Big Apple and shun the Yankee controversy, which has given the great game a black eye. Rod has always been a super performer on the field and should be commended by everyone for his off-the-field stand.

I agree the Twins could have gotten a better package from the Yanks, but next year Carew could have left for nothing. Minnesota fans can look forward to Kenny Landreaux, who has all the tools to become an excellent major league outfielder.

As for Calvin Griffith, he got what he deserved. Anyone who can't keep Carew happy has a problem. Just ask another ex-Twin who said dollars weren't his primary goal, Larry Hisle.