Arizona State University's women swept the top four singles matches and finished second, third and fourth in doubles yesterday to win their second straight ALAW National Badminton Championship at George Washington University. State now has won five national titles.

Defending singles champion Carrie Morris and Sun Devil teammate Monica Ortez matched up in the singles final as they did last year with Morrison a three-set winner, 3-11 11-2, 11-8.

In the consolation match, Arizona State's Heather Ross defeated teammate Pam Owens after Owens suffered a sprained knee and was forced to default.

The injury to Owens also caused Arizona State to default the doubles championship match to last year's champion team, Tracy McDonald and Carrie Theis of UCLA.

Arizona State scored 73 points and was followed by UCLA with 43, Eastern Illinois 32, Illinois State 30 and Western Illinois with 28. Twenty-three teams competed in the three-day tournament with more than 200 spectators attending yesterday's finals at the Smith Center.

Morrison, a 5-foot-2, 106-pound senior, used quickness and accuracy to counteract Ortez's slowdown strategy which Ortez, a junior, used effectively the first game.

"I play a quick game and she had a lot of soft shots that slowed the game," Morrison said. "All I could do was drop shots and I was off at first."

Morrison took charge in the second game with quick smashes to either side of the net, keeping the taller and slower Ortez off balance.

Ortez, who had defeated Morrison in all three of their previous matches this year, took a 7-4 lead in the third set before succumbing to a faster pace set by Morrison.

Morrison reeled off eight of the next nine points and put the match away on the second match point.

"Whenever I'm behind it gets me a little mad and I play up to her," Morrison said. "I put her in a jam late in the game and she just felt the pressure."