But Tilman, the former Eastern (D.C.) High athlete who transferred out of Maryland, will be on display in the Mideast Regional -- while Scales, who figured as a key man for Louisiana State and is healthy, and hasn't flunked out, won't flunked out, won't be with the Mideast-bound Bayou Tigers. LSU Coach Dale Brown bd Scales from the team for consorting with a pro basketball agent -- and letting it reflect in his play.

Scales, a sophomore forward from Dallas, let LSU to its first Southeastern Conference championship (regular season) in 25 years, made All-SEC with his 19.4 scoring average and 9.1 rebounding -- but didn't look like the same young man in the recent Tiger losses to Mississippi State and Kentucky.

Prior to the Kentucky game, Coach Brown got into a heated argument with a man identified as an agent for professional players. There had been speculation for some seeks Scales was considering skipping his final two seasons to turn pro, and Brown had been saying some players put personal goals before team goals. And lately Scales had been dribbling more than usual, taking shots he wouldn't consider before, bypassing easy ones...

Brown declared yesterday: "I believe that interference by sources outside our basketball family have forced us to make this decision," putting Scales off the team for the playoffs. But: "We still consider DeWayne a member of our basketball family... He will return for the '79-80 season."