Paul Moser won six of eight matches last night to extend his lead after one session of match play in the Fair Lanes Pro Bowlers Association Open at the Hyattsville Fair Lanes center.

The Somerset, Mass., native had begun the evening session with a 10-pin lead over Gary Dickinson of Fort Worth after 18 fames of qualifying play.

Dickinson lost five of his eight matches and fell to sixth place behind leader Moser, 6,013-5,839 (26-game totals). George Pappas of Charlotte, N.C., climbed to second at 5,941.

Each bowler received 30 bonus points per match victory, added to his 26-game pinfall count. There are two more eight-game match-play sessions scheduled for the 24 bowlers who qualify after the 18-game cut from the original 144 entries.

Today's sessions start at noon and 6:45 p.m., to winnow the survivors to the top five scorers on accumulated pinfall through all 42 games plus total bonus points obtained in 24 games of match play. The five go on to Saturday's nationally televised (3:30 p.m., ABC-TV) "stepladder" finals.

The winner collects $10,000 from the tournament purse of $80,000.

Moser won his first five games, lost the next two and wrapped the night up by beating Roy Buckley of Columbus, Ohio, in the final game. He averaged 227 per game for the evening session.

"I had it going the first few games," Moser said. "Then there was a delay after the fifth game, I had to wait awhile for the next lanes to clear and my thumb started swelling up. That stopped things for me and those corner pins began to remain standing."

Buckley, who won only two of eight matches, blew a chance to pick up a victory against Moser when he fell behind by leaving single pins standing in two frames.

He completely missed the No. 4 pin on a try for a spare in the fourth and left another standing after missing a low-percentage spare try in the seventh frame. Buckley, who won his first PBA title last week in Miami, still had a chance to annex the 15 bonus points for a tie by closing out with three strikes. But the left a pin standing on the first roll of the 1/th frame and settled for a 192-174 loss.

Larry Laub of San Francisco made the biggest jump in the standings. After just making the match-play round in the 24th and last spot, Laub won six matches, averaged 230 per game and vaulted into fourth place with a 5,848 total.

Greg Goetz of Washington started the the session in 16th place, went 1-6-1 in matches and fell to 23rd with a 5,515 total

Moser, a four-year veteran of the tour, led at the end of every session of qualifying and match play in Las Vegas' Showboat Invitational earlier this year. He was seeded first, sat out during the final round while the other four finalists bowled to decide his championship match opponent and then lost in the final to Emmett Shutes.

"When you're seeded first, it's hard because you feel like you're defending something8" Moser said. "That's bad because you don't havr anyone to aim at while the others do. Things canthen get really negative in the game for you, especially if you get down on the first few frames."

Pappas (6-2), Billy Walden of Troy, Mo., (6-2), and Keith Graycraft of New Martinsville, W.Va. (6-1-1) were the other six-game winners. Teata Semiz of River Edge, N.J., had the evening's highest eight-game pinfall total (1,859) and retained his third spot with a 5,931 aggregate