Red Miller of the Denver Broncos is one of a dwindling number of coaches who doesn't hide behind cliches when his pride is wounded.

In the Broncos' running feud with the Raiders, Miller celebrated a sweep against Oakland by nothing, "The Raiders are fat, they get tired."

Now he is savoring the satisfaction of being justified. Oakland has hired a conditioning coach, Alvin Roy.

On top of that there is dissension in the Raiders' organization, with quarterback Ken Stabler resenting insinuations during the season that he was not in condition because of free-time philandering.

"I've had too many good years, won too many honors, to expect that kind of treatment," he is quoted as saying. "That (Super Bowl) ring I wear says something.

"Al Davis (managing general partner) is wearing one, too, and I'd like to think I had something to do with it... Some of the assistants and John Madden (the coach who quit) were in my corner... The higher-ups stepped aside and let John and I take the heat (for a 9-7 season)."

And, if someone were trying to sow seeds of discord in the Broncos' organization, Miller had to deal with reports that he was going back to New England, where he had been an assistant, as soon as the Patriots' coach Chuck Fairbanks, took over at the University of Colorado. That speculation ended when Miller's contract was extended three years.