Jack Kent Cooke will retain his 85 percent of the stock in the Redskins and they are going to stay in Washington.

There was speculation that Cooke might give up his Redskin Holdings when he agreed last week to split his estimated $100 million in property equally with his former wife in their divorce settlement.

That also brough up another question: What if California resident Barbara Jean Cooke tried to move the Redskins to Los Angeles if she acquired the club, inasmuch as the Rams plan to move to Anaheim for the 1980 season?

"That is not going to happen," Douglas Bagby, Mrs. Cooke's attorney, said. "The Redskins are going to remain Mr. Cooke's property. That will become part of the court record this week."

Will Cooke dispose of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and Los Angeles Kings hocky team to comply with a National Football League policy against dual ownership in professional team sports?

"No comment; that's as far as I will go."

Joseph Ball, attorney for Cooke, said, "The settlement will not affect the Redskings. Mr. Cooke will retain the club. He is not going to sell it to anyone. There will be no change."

The Lakers, the Kings; the Forum, where those teams play in Inglewood, Calif. ? Will he sell any sports assets?

"There will be no change." He wouldn't elaborate.

There was no pressure for Cooke to comply with the NFL's policy against dual ownership of teams before the divorce settlement because his assets were frozen by the court.

The North American Soccer League has sued to prevent the NFL from implementing its aim to have football owners dispose of franchises in other sports or acquiring new ones.