Garry Templeton apologized yesterday-

Saying you have to like his style.

The St. Louis shortstop met with Cardinal brass, said it wasn't his salary ($130,000) he was miffed about, and promised-forget what he said the day before about loafing-he will promptly "get back to playing baseball to the best of my ability." (He was held out of Tuesday's game against the Yankees after popping off.)

Templeton's agent issued a statement after the meeting in St. Petersburg, through which the flashy, could-be-great one (just turned 23 Sunday) who perpetrated a league-leading 40 errors in 1978 explained:

"The crux of my problem with management has always been my style of playing shortstop. Since I was 7 years old, I have developed certain habits and routines which have now become second nature to me. I believe they give me more mobility, speed and range. I can get to more balls because of my style, but the more ground you cover, the more errors you're likely to make.

"I am willing and ready to make changes and improvements without affecting my basic skills and I have been working hard to do so . . . but I must remain true to my basic feel for my position.

"I may get angry now and then, but you may be assured that Garry Templeton will play baseball with a 100 percent effort."