Another case of misidentity of horses has cropped up at Bowie, involving stablemates Final Lea and Reign Ruler.

Final Lea was scratched in Thursday's first race when an interim track identifier, Doug reid,d, noticed that the filly's lip tatto did not match the number on her registration papers.

An investigation by track police revealed that Final Lea and Reign Ruler had been switched while they were being tattooed and that the last digit on their lips did not coincide with those on their foal certificates.

While there was no evidence of foul play, according to track authorities, the fact that Final Lea had run three times and Reign Ruler once with incorrect tatto numbers left open the possibility of some disciplinary action by the stewards.

The horses are owned by mark Soper, a blacksmithing student at the veterinary school at michigan state, and trained by John Belanger.

Veteran horse identifier Jim Rowan, who missed the identification last year of Large as life when he ran as Dare To Command at pinmlio, said, "I identify over 20,000 horses a year. Many are bad actors and throw fits if I took into their mouths. I do my best."

Rowan did spot one of Final Lea's listed rivals March 20 as not being the horse listed on the program. It turned out that a horse nemed Fly For Fun was not that animal at all.

"I spotted the incorrect numbers in her mouth," said Rowan, "and immediately called the stewards. They scratched her and fined the trainer when it turned out to be a filly named La Loquer Locust or something like that and not Fly For Fun. This game will make an old man of me yet."

The numbers in the mouths of Final Lea and Reign Ruler will remain the same, only now there will be added an "f" before the number and an asterisk after the last numeral.