The NBA playoff teams can quit looking over their shoulder, Bill Walton isn't gaining on them. Portland Coach Jack Ramsay declared yesterday the Trail Blazers will not activate the big guy for the postseason chase.

Ramsay, Blazer owner Larry Weinberg and the 6-foot-11 enigma met in the face of Walton's indications, he might return to the club he carried to the 1977-78 start, then blistered with criticism while spending all this season trying to recover from foot injuries that turned the end of last season to ashes for him and team. Ramsay's announcement in San Francsco, where the Trail Blazers played last night:

"Bill has been released from his doctor's care, which is a favorable sign. but he hasn't played any basketball this year. If we added Bill, we would have to drop somebody else off the team and we can't afford to do that."

Sonny Randle's new habitat, Marshall University, has fires its athletic director, Joe McMullen - who bows out saying, "I said at the time of Randle's speech last month that we'd have to see who had the trumps. It appears he has tem."

President Robert Hayes of the Huntington, W. Va., school did not say why he suddenly dismissed McMullen, head of Marshall's athletic department since 1971. But McMullen cited what had become a well-publicized feud with Randle, Virginia's controversial former football coach who recently became Marshall's controversial football coach.

"The speech" was by Randle to Marshall boosters last month, hinting there could be no successful football program under McMullen.

Still the scorin'est soul in basketball... the pride of East Capitol Street and Central High... AP College Division Player of the Year 1976... now the toast of West Germany: Archie Talley!

Talley is just back from leading the whole of Euripe (the world?) with a full season's average of 55.3 points a game-55.3.

The 6-foot-1 Alley, who scored 3,600 points in four years at Salem (W. Va.) College, 1,347 at a senior when he broke Earl Monroe's one-season NAIA record and averaged 41.1, set his new standard with the clausen team of Pirmasens, near the French-German border. Talley, NBA season's-eye cut of the N.J. Nets in October 1977, relates:

"We played 18 games in the Opel League, one of 70 teams in seven divisions of the Bundeslige, the German professional league. Games were 40 minutes, international rules; real physical, you know.I had highs of 77, 75.73, 70 and a low of 47 (we were 9-9 but won every time I scored 60 or more). After 10 games 1 'slumped' and just missed 1,000 totaling 996.

"They're good people over there. I've signed to return next fall."

George Allen, who evidently will be back on the NFL-on-CBS commentating team, dropped in, with his wife, on the Touchdown Club launcheon yesterday saluting Maryland's track supersophomore, Renaldo Nehemiah, said The Choach to The Hurdler, "How would you like to be a defensive halfback?" CAPTION: Picture, Archie Talley