Pop operates "Joe Frazier's Limousine Service" and Marvis sings bass.

Joe Frazier, 35, is one of five Olypmic champions who went on to win the world heavyweight professional title (the others were Muhammed Ali, Floyd Patterson, George Foreman and Leon Spinks). Marvis, 18, has designs on the heavyweight championship won in the last two Olympiads by Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba.

Marvis Frazier, undefeated in 30 amateur bouts, with 17 knockouts, took a large stride March 31 in Indianapolis when he decisioned Philip Brown for the national Golden Gloves title.

That qualified the Philadelphia high school senior for the Pan American Games trials in June in Puerto Rico.

"I have a personal goal," he said, "the gold medal in the Olympics, if it is God's will to give me the strength. He leads me on.

"I'm not enthused about being a pro. I'm going to take a year off for the Olympics and then go back to school and study business management."

He also said it was no gag when he answered the telephone by saying, "Joe Frazier's Limousine Service." He helps his father manage it.

He has seen Stevenson on Television.

"He's a great fighter," Frazier said. "But if he's there (in the Olympic finals), he's there. I'll be ready. Still I've got a lot of other guys to beat before I get there. He does, too. All my competitors will be tough.

"They don't fight me like they do 'Joe Smith'; they're fighting the name. But Pop told me, 'You're grandfather's name is Reuben, your uncle's name is Ed, my name is Joe, yours is Marvis; you've got to lead you own life.' My mother was against me boxing; she still is.

"Pop was, too, but he accepted it when he saw I could handle myself, and my grades were good. In our family you can do what you want, if it's right. If I wanted to be a street cleaner, I could-if I were the best. They would step in only if I was in something wrong. I love my father and am proud of him."

Do they box?

"We fool around, maybe in an exhibition; nothing hard. He hits too hard. I don't know how it was for his opponents because we never went full steam. I have a more erect stance because I'm 6 1/2. He's 5-11 and crouches. He fought at over 200 pounds; I'm 192."

Marvis sings bass in the church choir. Joe is still singing professionally.

"You can forget the 'knockouts' for me. I'm no singer. That's Pop's thing. All I got to do is keep the faith. We're both in citizenz band radio. My handle is 'The K.O Kid.' When you talk about the both of us, I'm K.O. II; Pop's K.O. I, of course."