Alluding to the fact that the Three Mile Island nuclear plant is only 20 miles distant, Ernie Accorsi of the Colts said of Baltimore's scrimmage against the Redskins in Carlisle, Pa., July 28: "Maybe we'll take our own water with us."

Dick Szymanski, general manager of the Colts, recalls that when he played at Notre Dame, Coach Frank Leahy always arranged to take water to road games.

Pro basketball player Dave Twardzik's home is in Middletown, Pa., and Charles Dudley lives in Harrisburg. Baseball players from the area are Butch Wynegar, Red Lion; Grey Gross, Goldsboro; Gene Garber, Elizabethtown, and Bruce Sutter, Mount Joy.

Mike Lynn, general manager of the Minnesota Vikings, says that option playouts Mark Kellar, running back, and Bob Lingenfelter, offensive tackle, have reported signed offers from New England and Kansas City, respectively. The Vikings have until Thursday to match the offers or lose the two.

Lynn says wide receiver Ahmad Rashad and defensive end Mark Mullaney did not receive better offers elsewhere after playing out their options, and signed with the Vikings again.

The general manager still insists that offensive tackle Ron Yary will be back. He says the Vikings are deep in offensive linemen and that Washington needs some but "the Redskins have nothing to trade, no draft choices."

Carroll Rosenbloom of the Los Angeles Rams and Bud Adams of the Houston Oilers helped settle the dispute between the Patriots and Chuck Fairbanks, and it was announced on the day that Rosenbloom drowned.

A rumor is sweeping the National Football League that Bert Jones of the Colts is still "badly hurt," to the extent that the chief executive of another club checked it out with the Baltimore management.The Colts say the quarterback had a complete examination by two top specialists on March 15.

Jones, who suffered a separated right shoulder in the final exhibition game last year, did not throw for a month after the regular season ended.It is said his arm feels much better although there is still "a little soreness."

Jones tends to use a "windmill" delivery, with his arm fully extended over his head when he releases the ball. He was in Baltimore last week to buy a house and threw "three-quarters hard, but not hard. He does not yet have full extension butthat is expected to come," a club spokesman said. "There is some concern, but he is expected to be fine by training camp."

Duane Thomas, once the epitome of a rebel, told a Green Bay interviewer after signing with the Packers that Vince Lombardi, the epitome of a martinet, "was a hero to me."

In fact, three times during their conversation, Thomas referred to Packer Coach Bart Starr as "Lombardi" and corrected himself. He called Starr "sincere and compassionate" for giving him a chance to play in 1979, after a four-year layoff.