The last time the Atlantic Coast Conference track meet was held in Chapel Hill, in 1975, Maryland's retiring track coach, Nick Kovalakides, declined to celebrate the fact that his Terrapins had more than doubled the score on runner-up North Carolina.

Instead, Kovalakides cited the failure of the rest of the league to compete and said, "We're the only school here that was going after the team title."

Today and Saturday, the ACC meet returns to Chapel Hill, and Maryland, under Frank Costello's guidance, almost certainly will win its 24th straight team title.

"This will probably be one of the best ACC meets ever held," Costello said. "Hopefully, we'll win it, but Georgia Tech will chew up a lot of points, Clemson has some outrageous sprint times and Virginia has a wellbalanced team. And North Carolina always does well in this meet. We've got more balance than the others, and we have some pretty good No. 1 men, but it won't be a cakewalk."

Among Maryland's "pretty good No.1 men" in Greg (Fly) Robertson, who will seek his third straight high hurdles championship and his second success in the intermediate hurdles.

Robertson, who has run with a pin in his right ankle since a summer auto accident, upset teammate Renaldo Nehemiah a year ago. He is unlikely to do so again, but he may repeat in the highs anyway, because Costello plans to use Nehemiah in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 440-yard relay, rather than sending the world record holder against hurdlers beneath his class.

"I'm going to sleep on it," Costello said, and he figures to be sleeping more soundly than his rivals, no matter how much they have improved in recent years.

Satruday at 10 a.m., Navy will host a reluctant Army track team. The Cadets trampled the Mids indoors, yet Coach John Randolph still complained bitterly about the early starting time for the outdoor meet.

Navy has been less than pleased with some of Randolph's maneuvers the last two years, so Army was politely but firmly told to show up at 10 or watch a 154-0 score posted, or however track forfeits are recorded.