Woodcrest's Fire Control caught Straight And True as the two horses went over the final jump in the James L. Wiley Memorial and managed to hold on to win the two-mile steeplechase by a neck today to highlight the 58th meeting of the Middleburg Hunt Race Assocation.

Owhata Chief was third, just a neck off Straight And True in the four-horse field.

It was the first victory over jumps this year for the grey gelding with the long bushy tail and the most pleasing to trainer J.R.S. Fisher since Fire Control's win in the Temple Gwathmey at Belmont last October.

"I gave him a good lick going down the hill," said rider Doug Small Jr., returning to the steeplechase wars after a two-year layoff. "He has a reputation for not liking the front, so I really didn't want to be up there . . .but he seemed happy, so we stayed."

PIEDMONT HUNT CUP - $2,000. Steeplechase. Mdns. 3 yr. and up 1 3/4 mile, 3:26.2-1, DeYoung (Fout), 2, Hearty Laughter (McWade); 3, Common Stock (Morris); Also ran-Second Centurian, Hamid, Crazy Crown Hugh Dennis, Chicken of Bagdad, Karason, Sound Dollar, Crackle (LR).

MIDDLEBURG BUSINESS COMMUNITY PLATE-$2,000. Steeplechase. 4 yr. and up. About 3 miles over tiimber. 6:12.2-1, Appolinax (Coles); 2 Knight Spot (Sloan); 3, Jaynade (Jackson); Also Ran-Joe Finn, Fonticlos, Bardal, Clover Over, Fildor II, Breezy Buggy (LR).

SUNNYBANK BOWL-$2,000. Steeplechase. 3 yr. and up. About 2 miles. 3:58.4-1, Fully Accredited (Skiffington); 2, Gala Warrior (Norris); 3, Beauhill (Christison); Also Ran-Sky News, Horse Known Royal, Captain Memory, Yellow Boy, Durbish, New World III, Mackenzie River, Longlong Age 2nd.

JAMES L. WILEY MEMORIAL-$8,500. Steeplechase. 4 yr. and up. About two miles. 4:02-1, Fire Control (Small); 2, Straight And True (Martin); 3, Owhata Hchief (Skiffington); Also ran-buperrose.

MIDDLEBURG HUNT CUP-$8,000. Timber steeplechase. 5 yr. and up. 2 1/2 miles. 6:31-1, Juggernaut II (Pearce); 2, Christmas (Hannum); 3. Abberilian (Miller). Also ran-Von, Frost Time, Irish Sallor, Sabinus, Bel Esprit II, Saint Denis, Banacheck II.

DRESDEN-$1,000. 3 yr. and up. 1 1/4 mile. Turf. 2:16.11, 1, Mr. Waffles (Dowd); 2, Lovely Voyage (Pearce); 3, Warnisky Christison). Also ran Arlo Fleet, Balmy Ghot, Satin Brass, Michael's Mad, Worth Remembering, San Song, Silent Tudor, Fashoda, Lee's Explosion, Blue Barbizon.