I'm glad the basketball season is about over. Because I don't like basketball. I didn't like the game when I was in high school. I didn't like the game when I was in college. I haven't liked it in all the intervening years. Now at 71+, I still don't like it. And from the bellyaching of the clubs just why I didn't like basketball. But I think I have finally figured out the basic reason. It's the scoring! In game after game the scores are way over 100 with the point spread between the winning and losing teams just a few points. You can't make me believe all these teams are that evenly matched or proficient. There are so many points scored, they become monotonous and actually boring.

To prove this point, I have tabulated the scores of winning and losing professional teams in 100 games selected at random in each of basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball and football. I then calculated the percentage of the ball, it can be seen just how much better the winning teams are than the losers. It comes out to be from 32% to 46%. But look at basketball! The winning teams were only 4.5% better than the losers. In 100 games? NO WAY! The poorer losing teams score practically the same number of points as the victors. This just "ain't" right! You can't make me believe all those teams are that evenly matched.

Apparently a point is just too easy to score. It should be made more difficult and require more skill. How? Make the baskets smaller. Make the ball larger. Place the basket higher. Require shots to be made from free throws. Eliminate most of the penalties and foul calls and free shots. Most sports are contact activities. Physical contact in basketball results only in whistle-blowing and free shots. Eliminate free shots as penalties. If a serious infraction of a relaxed rule occurs, put the offender in a foul box like hockey. But don't give the offended one a free shot.