Why is Chuck Noll largely uncelebrated as a big winner? A lot of it is his own doing. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won three Super Bowls, but Noll's personal recognition remains minimal.

It isn't that Madison Avenue hasn't tried. Noll was offered a five-figure deal, calling for him to be pictured with some kids in a full-page spread.

The only other coach to be offered such a deal -- which he accepted -- was Vince Lombardi. Noll said. "Give it to some of our players." Told that the project was off if he didn't do it, he still wouldn't.

When Noll began turning the once-lowly Steelers around, he was asked to do a coach's show on television He said, "Let players do it." Told he was necessary to give the program the desired appeal, he insisted that two players appear with him each week and that the pay go to the players.

The San Francisco 49ers have a smooth new head coach. Bill Walsh, who is regarded as a super after-dinner speaker. His only problem is that the ex-Stanford coach is considered a pro "rookie."

He notes that he put in his years as a pro assistant, eight at Cincinnati, where he was heir apparent to Paul Brown, and at San Diego where he was heir apparent to Tommy Prothro before getting his big chance at age 47. Like Lombardi, who took his first head coaching shot at 45. Walsh says. "I couldn't wait any, longer."

Ribbed about the possibility of a repetition of the blizzard of 1979 when the 1982 Super Bowl is held at the Silverdome in Pontiac, the Detroit Lions are saying. We've got the snow equipment all primed and ready to go, but there ain't going to be a big snow. We researched the average snow on that date for the least 25 years and there was just a trace of the white stuff."

There will be a "consolation draft" Saturday and Sunday In Atlanta for collegians not selected by the National Football League clubs on Thursday and Friday and for selectees who were dropped in 1978.

Leonard King, former director of player personnel for the WFL Birmingham Americans, sent letters to every college inviting tryouts at a $5 entry fee. All NFL clubs will send scouts. There were 600 players at the 1978 tryout.