Larry Gibson, senior center on the University of Maryland basketball team, pleaded guilty yesterday in Prince George's County District Court to a misdemeanor count of breaking and entering.

Court sources said the charge to which the plea was entered comes under the county code rather than state law and does not imply any intent to take anything from the premises entered or to commit any other unlawful act there.

No sentence was imposed yesterday. A presentence investigation was ordered.

Maryland Athletic Director Carl James, reach at home last night, said he was sorry "this had to happen."

"I think it should be pointed out that Larry Gibson acted as an individual, as a Maryland student, and not as an athlete or a basketball player," James said. "I think everyone who knows Larry was surprised because this was so out of character for Larry.

"But Larry's a public figure. If he's going to get praise for making the winning shot against Notre Dame (which Gibson did last season) then he's going to get criticized for something like this.

"But Larry is the one who's suffered. This isn't a tragedy, no one was hurt or anything. You just hate to see this sort of thing happen."

James said he did not think the incident would have an adverse effect on Maryland's recruiting, which is just now reaching a crucial stage. He also said he did not think the incident would affect the 6-9 center's pro career.

"He'll either make it or fail on his ability, nothing else," James said.

Gibson was arrested early March 31 after two persons were seen crawling through a window at an academic building, campus police said.