Warner Wolf now has a machine-gun delivery in his nightly sports program on WABC-TV in New York City.

"To no one's surprise, Tom Cousineau was the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft," he opened the other night. "The Giants didn't draft Jack Thompson because Cincinnati did. If you want to know the rest of the names, read the papers.

"The Islanders won in overtime . . . let's go to the videotape. The Bruins won in overtime . . . let's go to the videotape. The Mets lost, 7-5 . . . let's go the videotape . . . "

Tim Mara, vice president and treasureer of the New York Giants, prevailed on his uncle, Wellington, club president, to hire General Manager George Young and let him pick new Coach Ray Perkins, and let them run the draft.

Tim attended the draft, heard the boos from New Yorkers after the selection of quarterback Phil Simms of Morehead State, and was asked what he wanted now. "To win a few games," he said. Sports telecasts mocked the "Phil-Who?" pick. The print journalists were more receptive than they had been when Wellington called the shots.

All six option-playouts who received written offers from new clubs have signed with their old clubs, meaning there was no movement of free agents who received qualifying offers from old clubs, unless by trades.

This may be the Year of the Ram on Chinese calenders but in San Diego fans think it will be the Year of the Big Charge after making off with tight end Kellen Winslow of Missouri in a trade with Cleveland.

Former Rams' personnel director Johnny Sanders is the Chargers' general manager and former Chargers' head coach Tommy Porthro is Cleveland's personnel director. San Diego quarterback Dan Fouts will be the envy of the league throwing to All-America Winslow or All-Pro wide receiver John Jefferson or running back Lydell Mitchell on third down.

Rick Bennett, Washington attorney who repesents Terry Metcalf, says there is no chance of the former St. Louis Cardinals superstar leaving Toronto of the Canadian Football League to rejoin former coach Don Coryell at San Diego. Matcalf has a seven-year, $2.1 million contract.

Bennett also represents running back Ottis Anderson of Miami, picked by the Cardinals on the first round. Before the draft, Anderson warned Buffalo, Kansas City, Cincinnati and Chicago not to select him "because they don't pay enough for me. I'm asking for an arm and a leg."

Vince Lombardi resented NFL Films cluttering up the field with cables and cameras as an "intrusion." Told that the photographers should be regarded as "artists" for their technique in glamorizing the nfl, Lombarid said, "That may be the trouble. Football basically is a very simple game. Those guys are peeling away the mystique."

Tryouts at Leonard King's free-agent camps in Atlanta suffered under the same tyranny of vital statistics imposed by NFL scouts. "All participants who fail to run the qualifying times will be cut immediately," King says in his brochure. Wide receivers must do 40 yards in 4.3 to 4.7 second, running backs the same, defensive backs 4.3 to 4.6 and linebackers 4.4 to 4.7.