Bill Brundige, the University of Colorado's high-IQ export to the Redskins, yesterday ascribed the ongoing team purge to the "directly-opposite" philosophies of Coach Jack Pardee and his predecessor, George Allen.

"George Allen was very successful at organizing and motivating players," the defensive lineman who was waived yesterday said. "He emphasized experience and character more than talent. Allen motivated on a more emotional basis. He paid well where others might not have.

"He surrounded himself with what he called 'solid citizens' - like Bill Kilmer, Chris Hanburger, Len Hauss, Jake Scott and Ron McDole. I'm in very distinguished company," Brundige said after being released.

"Jack Pardee and Bobby Beathard are directly opposite. Their philosophy is to go with youth, speed and talent.

"They traded Frank Grant because he was not fast enough. Their philosophy is completely different. That's why they decided to clean house.

"They have placed on waivers one of the finest free safeties in all of pro football - Jack Scott. Not because of his attitude. They wanted someone who believed in their philosophy, and he didn't.

"He made it clear. There was absolutely no question of his position on anything. He said what he thought."

What other differences does Brundige see?

"I think time will tell. I'm not going to criticize their decision if they go with youth instead of experience, talent instead of character and determination. The fans will find out who had the better philosophy.

"Look at George Allen's won-lost record and look at theirs five years from now. I don't think they are going to have to wait five years. I think they will find out very quickly who was right and who was wrong. Won-lost records are the only things that count."

Brundige said he had no hard feelings about being waived, because a foot injury he suffered in 1977 had not healed and he had not planned to play in 1979 anyway. "I wish the Redskins lots of luck," he said, "but I have reservations about their chances."

The nine-season veteran who has investments in a restaurant, an automobile agency and a furniture firm said, "I made a fortune here, and not all monetary. I have memories of the people I played with. I played for two of the finest coaches ever, Vince Lombardi and Allen.

"The fans are going to look back and say it was a great era under George Allen."