For minutes after last night's seventh game of the Eastern Conference final, Spur Coach Doug Moe seethed in silence.That mood then turned to spoken outrage.

"I feel like the referees stole the game from us," Moe said, setting the tone for the majority of his postgame comments.

"We didn't get a break the whole series," Moe said. "The blocking call against (Mark) Olberding, the call against (Billy) Paultz and the foul called on (Mike) Green were ridiculous. You've got to wonder what they're trying to do to you.

"Wes (Unseld) steps out and belts a guy and doesn't get called and then they call those three fouls."

Olberding fouled out after being called for blocking Bob Dandridge with 2:54 remaining. Green was assessed his sixth foul on a shot attempt by Greg Ballard 34 seconds later. Paultz was cited for setting an illegal pick on Tom Henderson with 1:38 remaining and the Bullets down, 103101.

"I felt the Henderson call was very poor," Paultz said. "I've been playing too long to stick an elbow out on a screen. Henderson did a good job of faking it, acting like contact was made."

"The blocking call on Mark was ridiculous," Moe said. "Unseld's done it all season. Green didn't touch Ballard, either. Ballard shoots a prayer with his back to the basket and Mike blocks it six feet from him.

"The calls that were made were not end-of-the-game calls. And they were all going against us . . . Who was making all those calls? Vanak, Vanak, Vanak." John Vanak.

"Vanak and (Paul) Mihalak called everything," Moe smouldered. "It's sickening.

"We deserved to win, but if you get two officials who want to steal it from you, you've got no hope. The players worked their tails off and didn't get a break. They (officials) should be sent before a firing squad."

Thirty minutes after the game George Karl, San Antonio's assistant coach, was outside the Spur dressing room arguing over the officiating with Bullet General Manager Bob Ferry. Both cited calls that did not go the way of their respective teams.

Nearly all the Spurs thought that guard James Silas was fouled by Henderson on his last-ditch shot, especially Silas,

"I know Henderson fouled me," Silas said. "He walker up under me with his body. People who saw the game know that.

"Everytime we touched them they blew the whistle. If we didn't blow these guys out, they weren't going to let us win. They just took it from us."

Spur reserve forward Allan Bristow likened the Bullets to a certain wellknown heavyweight fighter.

"I think the Bullets are struggling, they look like Ali in his later years," Bristow said. "He fights a lot of fights where I wonder if he really won.

"We didn't have enough to take the referees and the Bullets."