The qualification run for the Indianapolis 500 of rookie Dick Ferguson today was "disallowed for deliberately attempting to override the mandatory pressure relief value."

Ferguson's car owner, Wayne Woodward, was fined $5,000, but U.S. Auto Club technical director Jack Beckley said Ferguson and the No. 81 car could make another qualification run with a "legal" setup.

Qualifications will end late Sunday, with the fastest 33 machines comprising the race-day lineup next Sunday.

Tofm Bigelow, whose original machine was the second to be "bumped" once the tentative 33-car field was qualified, quickly jumped into a team car and was clocked at an average speed of 186.722 mph. He had only three laps of testing the Lola-Cosworth before making his four-lap qualifying run.

Among other successful qualifiers today were veterans Roger McClusky, Jimmy McElreath, Dick Simon, Larry Dickson, Jerry Sneva and rookies Dick Ferguson and Dana Carter.

Canadahs Cliff Hucul had the second-fastest trail run, averaging 186.200.

Another rookie, Todd Gibson, hit the wall on a warmup lap prior to a qualification attempt but escaped unhurt.

Simon's test run eliminarted a car driven by Larry Cannon. Sneva eliminated Bigelow's original machine, Ferguson took out John Martin's car and Bigelow then "bumped" Steve Krisiloff.

Unsucessful qualifying runs were made by Hurley Haywood, Larry Rice, Gibson, Ferguson, Gary Bettenhausen and Eldon Rasmussen.