Dennis Satyshur, who lives in Bethesda and is the second-leading money winner in the Middle Atlantic PGA, will gas up Monday and drive an hour to Hunt Valley in Cockeysville, Md., for the first phase of U.S. Open qualifying instead of playing at nearby Manor and Argyle.

There are six Open spots available for 52 golfers at Hunt Valley, while 99 players will play 36 holes for 11 spots at Manor and Argyle.

"I'm usually in the low 70s at Hunt Valley," said Satyshur, who will leave a teaching job at Columbia in October to become head pro at new Bent Pine Golf Club in Vero Beach, Fla.

"The few times I've played at Manor, I really haven't played that well. I shot 80 there last year in the Maryland Open."

On the other hand, there is little mystery about why Tom Smack of Caroline will tee it up at Hunt Valley. Smack was an assistant pro there for four years and shares the course record of 64.

Rob Viner, last year's qualifying medalist, Gary Marlowe, who won last year's Maryland Open at 19, Henri deLozier, and Perky Cullinane head the amateur hopefuls at Manor and Argyle.