Grand Canyon College's topranked baseball team was in seventh heaven, winner of the NAIA Area 2 tournament with its 58th victory in 68 games . . . captor of a berth in the eight-team national finals . . . destined for - what could be more heavenly? - Nashville.

Then the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention got the picture-the above photo-from a Phoenix newspaper.

Grand Canyon's celebration of the 10-2 triumph over Sam Houston State took place in its own locker room on the Phoenix campus. It says right there in the student handbook published by the college, owned and operated by the Southern Baptists, that possesion or use of alcoholic beverages on campus is forbidden.

That's champagne the jubilant Antelopes are pouring.

"Because it's a Christian school, they (administration) feel we made a disgrace of the school," said ace Antelope pitcher Ed Bonine. "We were wrong by having champagne in the locker room. We used poor discretion (although) none of it was drunk."

Goodbye, trip.

Bill Williams, Grand Canyon's president, backed unanimously by the board of trustees: "No . . . It's as final as I can state it."

Grand Canyon's other pitching standout, Jim Gerlach: "I don't think it's fair to kick 20 ballplayers out of a dream . . . No way I'm coming back to play here next year" . . .

NAIA finally replaced the Antelopes economically last night with Nashville's David Lipscomb College, 1977 national champion, Area 5 runner-up this year, and operated by the Church of Christ . . . CAPTION: Picture, no caption, AP