The relationship between Ken Stabler and the Oakland Raiders has warmed up little since the team's general managing partner, Al Davis, publicly criticized his quarterback last season for being out of condition.

Stabler has said he would not mind being traded, and the Raiders, reportedly through intermediaries, have told the Atlanta Falcons the quarterback is available.

That news and talk that Davis is a big admirer of Redskin fullback John Riggins figures to set Washington fans to wondering. But then Davis always has prized big backs who are good pass receivers.

The Raiders are also letting it be known that reserve quarterback Jim Plunkett looked unusually good in a minicamp a few weeks ago.

A report that Jerry Buss of Bel Air Calif., will buy the sports holdings of Jack Kent Cooke is believed to exclude Cooke's 84 percent stock in the Redskins.

Buss, a real estate developer and owner of franchises in World Team Tennis, would settle for buying the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings and The Forum, or at least maintain an office there that he had renovated after the settlement of a $100 million divorce suit.

Howard Cosell now will have three former "jocks" in the ABC telecast booth for Monday night games although Don Meredith and Fran Tarkenton will alternate. The other explayer is Frank Gifford.

Now that the energy situation has grabbed the headlines, the National Football League expects mail from irate vacationers wondering why there cannot be a better geographical alignment of its divisions - and in other team sports.

The NFL dreads the prospect because it took four months in 1969 and four meetings to agree on the present setup, the last meeting lasting 36 hours.

During World War II, Paul Brown pointed out that Massillon (Ohio) High School played all of its games at night and it was determined that move save more energy for the area than if people pursued their usual habits in the daytime, other than spectating.

When the gas shortage in 1974 put energy on page one, a University of Texas study showed that 60,000 attending a night football game used power equivalent to one-twentieth of that by people in normal pursuits at home. It was figured that the 15,000 or so cars with groups of passengers used less gas than if they had been in normal use.

Pro football has had more success in encouraging fans to use mass transit than other sports.

Redskin fans can benefit in their gas tanks this season since Sunday service to RKF Stadium will be offered by Metro.

Add draftee Jeff Rutledge of the Rams to the list of Alabama products at quarterback in the NFL, following Joe Namath, Bart Starr, Scott Hunter, Richard Todd and Stabler.