Jack Kent Cooke, majority stockholder in the Washington Redskins who has announced plans to sell his Los Angeles hockey and basketball teams and sports arena, said yesterday there will be no change in the Redskins' operation.

In a telephone interview, Cooke, who owns 85.7 percent of the Redskins' stock, said he will make his home four to five months a year in the Virginia horse country.

"Ed Williams (Edward Bennett Williams, president of the Redskins who owns 14.3 percent of the team's stock) will continue as the dominant force . . . the majordomo," said Cooke. "I will be able to see the team first hand rather than on TV."

Cooke is selling the Lakers and Kings and The Forum for $57 million to Jerry Buss, a California businessman. Cooke and following and NFL policy for owners to divest themselves of other sports interests.

"I suffered throught the worst years," Cooke said of the pre-Vince Lombardi and George Allen coaching regimes.

Cooke said he was going to buy a farm in the Middleburg, Upperville or Warrenton area, but shot down speculation in a Los Angeles Times story that said he might buy a baseball team in the East.

"I have no intention of getting into baseball now," the onetime successful operator of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the International (baseball) League said. "I am going to concentrate on one sport - the Redskins.

"I like riding; I have since I was 17 or 18 years old. I had a 13,000-acre ranch in California. I am going to make my home the rest of the year in Las Vegas," Cooke said.

"I am chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the Tele Prompter firm. It is doing well and expanding. I have my interest in the Redskins and other interests, so I do not want to get into baseball.

"I met some people in Virginia and fell in love with the area in no time flat. I'm very fond of it. I don't care whether the weather is good, bad, moderate or filthy.The people are the most charming, entertaining, and intelligent I've met in ages.

"I think Washington is the second most beautiful city in the world - Paris is first, of course - but Washington is the most beautiful in America."