Roy Jefferson said it best last night at a dinner saluting the 1972 Redskins in the Sheraton-Park Hotel.

Jefferson, master of ceremonies, remarked, "That team performed miracles. Someone would always come through. You never knew who it was going to be. Those Redskins not only had character and a personality but had the coaching.

"It was the team and the coach who were just right. They meshed.

"Thetown and turned this team around and set the National Football League on its ear was George Allen."

Bobby Mitchell, currently executive assistant to club president Edward Bennett Williams, was also on hand.

"George Allen did something for me no other coach did in 11 years of playing in Cleveland and Washington, he got me one of these," said Mitchell, who showed off the Super Bowl ring from the Redskins' losing effort against Miami.

Allen received a standing ovation and twice flicked at perhaps a tear-wetted eyelid.

"You are part of history," he told the audience. "Seven great years, something special.

"Only three other teams from the National Conference have made it to the Super Bowl - Green Bay, Dallas and Minnesota.

"It was not all blocking and tackling; there was love and respect for one another."

Despite the current relations between Allen and the Redskin management and between some of the recently dropped veterans and management, Allen dealt in humorous memories.

Proceeds from the affair will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of America.