With about six weeks left before training camps open, about half of the first-round draft choices are yet to be signed by National Football League clubs.

Linebacker Tom Cousineau of Ohio State did not attend the Buffalo Bills' minicamp, presumably because a player doesn't have protection against an injury without a contract.

An unfunny thing may happen on Jack Kent Cooke's way from the Forum he is selling to live part-time in Virginia and attend all the Redskin games at RFK Stadium. The VIP box may become a bit crowded. As 86 percent stockholder, he also rates a high-priority parking space. Cooke lunched with club president Edward Bennett Williams in Williamsburg Memorial Day.

"Unnecessary roughness" will be more narrowly defined by the competition committee as National Football League chief executives meet Tuesday and Wednesday at the commissioner's office.

Game officials will face a tricky question in interpreting a change providing for a quicker whistle when a quarterback is "firmly in the grasp of any tackler." Quicker pass releases may result in fewer bonuses for sacks.

Roger Staubach says of the change, "There is a need to protect the quarterback and I don't like all the cheap shots. But overall I think it will be a hindrance. I like to move around a lot and I don't like the idea of being grabbed behind the line of scrimmage and getting a whistle."

How Super Bowl winners are built: Linebacker Rick Kirk of Denison College and his older brother put together film clips from his career and sent them to all 28 NFL clubs, including a shot of him in bathing trunks at 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds. The Steelers sent two scouts to the campus and they timed him at 4.55 seconds for 40 yards. He was drafted on the ninth round.

Quarterback Ed Burns of New Orleans is concerned about another kind of traffic. He drives a beer truck until camp opens. He has four sons to feed.

"A fan since the '40s" wrote to ask if it were true that Ron McDole and other former players were barred from using the facilities at Redskin Park. A spokesman for the Redskins said everyone except current players were barred, beginning about six weeks ago, because past and present players were even bringing friends and it became like "Grand Central Station," with no one able to work out.

Personnel at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pa., where the Redskins have their training camp, report there has been no excessive concern about the recent nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, about 20 miles from Carlisle.