The Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee will get the $11 million in federal aid it says it needs to be ready for the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-S.C.) said yesterday.

However, future federal grants for U.S. Olympic programs may be harder to obtain. Hollings added after a Senate Appropriations subcommittee he chairs cleared passage of the money.

A House Appropriation subcommittee earlier this week approved diverting the $11 million from Economic Development Administration projects to the LPOOC, which claimed that the Games could be jeopardized without the money.

Complaining about piecemeal government aid to the LPOOC, Hollings told a press conference, "We've got to have one committee with the authority to look at this entire (Olympic funding) matter . . . There has to be some kind of a policy for dealing with this."

Calling the current system "a charade that can't continue," Hollings said, "We (the subcommittee) look like unpatriotic Americans if we don't give them the money."

Federal money appropriated in bits and pieces over the last three years for the LPOOC will total almost $92 million. Noting that the Los Angeles Olympic Coordinating Committee is seeking $184 million for the 1984 Games, Hollings said a comprehensive funding bill for those Games should be drafted.

He also noted that $16 million is being sought by the U.S. Olympic Committee to implement reorganizational reforms under last year's Amateur Sports Act.

The Rev. J. Bernard Fell, LPOOC president, said yesterday, "We're pleased to learn that the third and final step has been taken to assure the LPOOC of the $11 million required to continue the construction program" for the Games.