The team that would like to trade for Ken Stabler of the Oakland Raiders should be ready to pay an annual salary of $346,000 for the nine-season veteran, who will be 34 on Christmas Day.

Still, that is less than the $350,000 Fran Tarkenton was paid by the Minnesota Vikings, and quite a bit less than Archie Manning receives from the New Orleans Saints under a three-year, $1.2 million contract.

Dan Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers says uniforms 10 years from now will have a space-age look, with soft helmets, no face guards and no massive shoulder pads. The flak-jacket principle will change appearances, even of knee protectors with a preventive brace.

A big draw at present would be an intersquad game between George Allen's Over the Hill Gang and Jack Pardee's Young Turks, or Papooses, if you will.

A hit revival film in town was the Reskins' Highlights of the Super Bowl team, shown at the dinner saluting the 1972 squad.

It showed what is mostly wrong with the current Redskins' offensive: the retirement of that marvelous battler for yardage, Larry Brown. He and Bill Kilmer won ovations during the showing of the film, but so did the linebacking of Pardee. Time, unfortunately, marches on.

Prosperity is just around the corner for Bud Wilkinson's rebuilding St. Louis Cardinals, in a longtime base-ball-oriented city where pro football was a tough sale, even in playoff seasons.

Season ticket sales for eight regular season and two exhibition games have set a record, at 42,333, up from 41,746 last year. It helps to win six of the last eight games of a season.

Maybe it was because of the complicated defenses installed by Chicago's then-assistant coach, George Allen, but linebacker bick Butkus, to be inducted into the Por Football Hall of Fame next month, said before his first game with the Bears, "It's all I can do to figure out where I am supposed to be."

New York Jets' draftee Danny Sanders from Carson-Newman has yet to prove he can pass better than Richard Todd. But he is a former national junior frisbee champion.

The Saints report that 3,500 fans came out to watch No. 1 draft choice Russell Erxleben from the University of Texas at a minicamp. He made good on two of three field goal attempts from 55 yards, then punted 55, 60, 65, 68, and 45 yards, turned on his heel and, dramatically, strode off the field as if he were the team leader finished with his job.

Texas Coach Fred Akers called Erxleben "our 12th man on defense." Saint Coach Dick Nolan says, "I don't know whether to list him on offense or defense."

If Edward Bennett Williams leaves the Redskins to operate the Orioles and Jack Kent Cooke takes over here in football, will George Allen be back? Cooke once noted he hired two "coaches of the year" at the same time, Bill Sharman for the Los Angeles Lakers in 1971-72 and Allens for the Redskins in 1972.