Washington Bullet forward Mitch Kupchak said yesterday he will make a decision early next week on what to do about his injured back.

The injury, which kept Kupchak out of most of the playoffs and out of the entire championship series with the Seattle SuperSonics, was diagnosed last week as a herniated disk.

Kupchak was released from Sibley Hospital Monday after a six-day stay during which was administered a myelogram, which detected the disk problem.

Kupchak said he went to Baltimore to see a specialist yesterday and also saw Bullet team physician Stan Lavine. He said he was going to North Carolina today to consult a neurosurgeon and then on to New York to visit his parents and have them help make up his mind about his next step.

If, as has been suggested, surgery is the most likely answer, Kupchak could miss the entire 1979-80 NBA season.

"It's not a rush, rush thing, but I'm not going to drag it out, either," Kupchak said. "I plan to make a decision soon. I just look at this whole thing as a temporary setback."

Kupchak's condition has the Bullets in somewhat of a bind as to possible trades and his availability may also determine whom they go after in next week's draft.

The Bullets pick 22nd in the first round, but a deal could be made by Monday to get a better pick.