The National Basketball Association, seeking to resolve its television ratings problem, has begun negotiations for a national Game of the Week telecast for cable TV, possibly for next season.

The cable plan, still in the preliminary stages, was part of a report by the league's television committee to the NBA Board of Governors, who concluded a two-day meeting yesterday at Amelia Island, Fla.

"This is a top priority item that remains alive and will be on the agenda the next time we meet," said NBA Commissioner Larry O'Brien. He also announced a proposal to restrict CBS-TV to 25 telecasts next season has been scrapped. "It was obvious that we have to go back to the drawing board, do some more work, and come up with a comprehensive television plan."

Ratings of CBS' Sunday games showed a 26 percent decline last season.

Also announced at the meeting was the confirmation of 44-year-old millionaire Jerry Buss as new owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the inclusion of assistant coaches in the league's pension plan.

The board reelected Irv Levin of San Diego as its chairman. No action was taken on a proposal to compact the playing schedule, although O'Brien indicated May 20 as a cutoff date next year. The last three seasons have ended in June.

Thursday the board voted to return to the use of two officials after a one-year trial with three. Yesterday the NBA officials put the issue in a holding pattern, saying they may or may not go to court to keep the third man.