St. Bonaventure has been voted into the Eastern Eight, where George Washington lives, as an unexpectedly early replacement for Penn State.

The Nittanies, in opting out last month, said they were serving notice to give the young league time to find a new playmate by 1981-82. But the conference athletic directors, convened in Hollywood, Fla., have decided (according to GW spokesman Doug Gould), why wait? The Bonnies are in, right now.

So, while Penn State pursues bigger (?) basketball game its way, the Eight makes an immediate move up in hoop strength. St. Bonaventure is a prennial winner (19-9 last season including NIT action). The upstate New York school plays four Eastern Eight teams this season. Some previously scheduled games against outside opponents will be designated to count in the standings for the Bonnies, who then will compete in the conference tournament next March in Pittsburgh.

The International Amateur Athletic Federation would not relent last week so Sydney Maree could run for his school, Villanova, rather than his country, South Africa, in the New Jersey Track Classic, but it's try, try again. On Stanko, director of the East Coast Meet of Champions coming up Saturday at Philadelphia's Franklin Field, is calling the IAAF today to see why Maree can't run in the mile feature without jeopardizing the standing of entrants John Walker, Eamonn Coghlan, Don Paige et al., perhaps to the extent of their exclusion from the 1980 Olympics.

"Can't we try to make it clear to them that I'm a black South African?" Maree pleaded. "The rule is to see that black atheltes are helped out. . . ."

Hmmmm. If worse comes to worse, maybe the AAU showed the way for Maree when it decided yesterday to let Dwight Stones compete in the East Coast Meet - "against himself."

Stones, long barred from amateur track and field while he fights suspension imposed for accepting TV Superstars prize money, will perform in a special high jump after the regular high jump is completed. AAU chief Ollan Cassell in Indianapolis said, "If he competes while other events still are on, that's illegal. When a sanctioned meet ends - and this is a sanctioned meet - he can do what ever he wants."

Stones wants to do his stuff at Franklin Field, where he twice broke the world record in 1976. Surely somebody will sneak a peek, when the final figures are posted, to see whether he beat the "regular" high jumpers.

Maybe Maree, whose 3:53.7 is the world's fastest mile this year, can race himself - and the times of the "regular" milers - afte r the meet?

And if he'd happen to beat the world record, couldn't that raise some kind of a recognition fuss! ! !

Win some, lose some. Hardly had we gotten into FanFare last week how ex-Terp Scott Chirstopher was hanging tough at Class AA Charlotte in the Oriole system than we were handed a clipping from Carolina: outfielder Christopher sent back to Class A Miami . . . But ex-Terp catcher Frank Kolarek, 26, is still pluging for the Class AA Waterbury (Conn.) A's . . The old Maryland righty out of West Springfield, Bob Ferris, retired 20 successive Phoenix batters in winning his sixth of eight for the Cal Angels' Triple-A Salt Lake City club . . . And Jim Norris hustling on as a Cleveland Indian . . .

It's Warner Wolf day with all manner of capital heavy hitters at the head table for noon honors to WW today at the TD Club, but did we ever tell you who came in second in that New York Daily News poll in which Big Towners, 55 percent strong, voted Washington's gift to WABC-TV their No. 1 local sportscaster? Mary Albert - yes! 18 percent. And on down to Jim Bouton (2%) and Lee Leonard (1%) . . .

Along about now, Redskin swifty Terry Anderson should have a letter in hand telling him he'll have to leave his vaunted tarantula Morticia home when he comes to Carlisle. No pets allowed in training camp.