The case of Redskin defensive back Joe Lavender, who is charged in El Cajon, Calif., with three felony counts of assault on a police officer and three misdemeanors, was bound over yesterday to San Diego County Superior Court.

An arraignment was scheduled for July 11 in San Diego and Jim Pierik, Lavender's lawyer, said after yesterday's preliminary hearing in El Cajon that it was possible Lavender could miss part of the NFL regular season that begins Sept. 2.

Unless the case is dismissed or plea bargained, Pierik said he will attempt to get a trial date during training camp or one after the close of the NFL season. He said regular cases in San Diego are scheduled three months from the date of arraignment.

That would put the trial in mid-October.

The charges against Lavender stem from an incident Feb. 9 at Cunningham BMW in El Cajon when an employe at the auto dealership refused to release Lavender's repaired car because the Redskin defensive back wanted to be billed for the repairs at home.

What happened thereafter is in dispute between Lavender and the El Cajon police.

In addition to the three felony charges, Lavender also is accused of two misdemeanor counts of assault and batter on a citizen and one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.

Lavender pleaded innocent to all charges in Municipal Court on June 12 and Pierik said Lavender will plead innocent at the Superior Court arraignment.

Pierik said Lavender's defense will be based that he "did not for medical reasons comprehend what was going on around him . . . It is a technical defense we can clearly establish."

After Lavender was formally charged last month, his adviser, Jack Willis, issued a statement saying that Lavender was suffering from a salt deficiency that caused him to act in an irrational manner.

Willis said Lavender was hospitalized for 10 days after the incident the medication had balanced the salt deficiency and solved the temporary physical aliment.