"If his name was not Bobby Douglass and you saw him pitch, you'd say, 'You've got to sign this guy.' So that's what we did."

His name is Bobby Douglass, his age is 32 and he put in most of 10 years as an NFL quarter-back, mostly with the Chicago Bears. Now hear Roland Hemond, vice president of the Chicago White Sox, continue:

"We signed him as a major league prospect. This is not a gimmick. What he does in Iowa will dictate what happens."

The Chisox told the 6-foot-4, 225-pound southpaw to report Friday to the Triple-A America Association club in Des Moines. Planes are to use him, at least initially, as a relief pitcher.

"It might take me two weeks or two months to get my control," said Douglass, a 23-2 hurler in American Legion ball before concentrating on football at Kansas. ". . . I had excellent control when I was young."

Control was not Doulgass' greatest asset as an NFL passer, but many of incompletions came simply because he threw too hard. Actually, he was much more effective running the football.

So cut loose, Bobby, but mind, no keeper plays . . .