Minnesota Vikings General Manager Mike Lynn has acknowledged talking to Oakland Raider owner Al Davis about the possibility of obtaining Ken Stabler, who reportedly wants to bolt from the Raiders.

"I talked to Al Davis some time ago about some other matters and the Stabler subject came up," Lynn said. "I told him that Bob Lee was unsigned and why don't we swap quarterbacks? His response at the time was that he thought it was funny. He laughed."

Lynn also said that Billy Kilmer's name has been mentioned to him, but he declined to say whether the Vikings might be interested in the released Redskin quarterback to fill the slot of retired Viking quarterback Fran Tarkenton.

"Kilmer is available to sign with any club in the National Football League," Lynn said. "And there are very few experienced quarterbacks available who aren't already playing."

In Cleveland, Bengal General Manager Paul Brown announced that quarterbacks John Reaves and Rob Hertel have been placed on "no recall" waivers.

"We, of course, have our starter Kenny Anderson and our first-round draft choice Jack Thompson, and we are currently looking at Scott Burk, who will also be tried as a defensive back and on kick returns," Brown said.

Reaves, a seven-year veteran, started four games last season because of injuries to Anderson. Hertel, a fifth-round draft choice in 1978, was used sparingly.