Nancy Lopez charged into contention, but mostly it was a day for the unheralded as Pat Meyers shot a four-under-par 69 today to take a one-stroke dead in the second round of the $75,000 Greater Baltimore Golf Classic at the Pine Ridge course.

Meyers, 25, from Ormond Beach, Fla, has finished second five times in the past two years on tour with the LPGA and was elated to find herself on the leader board today.

"Maybe tonight I'll think more about it (the round)," she said. "If I feel the same way tomorrow as I did today and yesterday, it should be pretty good."

Meyers shot a three-under-par 70 Friday and had four birdies today, giving her a one-shot lead over Cindy Chamberlain and Bonnie Bryant, the first-round leader, both at 140.

Lopez, the defending champion, fired a 69, and was bunched with four players at 142.

Chamberlain, 24, from Pontiac, Mich., just qualified for the tour this year although she played several tournaments in 1975. She has never finished higher than 30th, but she said a two-year respite from the tour to improve her game has given her a lot of confidence.

Off to a good start with an eagle on the first hole, she led during most of the round. But bogeys at 14 and 15 - where she had just seen her name on the leader board - put her one stroke behind Meyers.

Both Chamberlin and Meyers were asked if they thought they could sustain their leads, particularly over Lopez.

"I feel my chances are just good," Chamberlin said. "I feel like I've got nothing to lose. I'm not the defending champion so I can just go out there and charge."

"You really can't pick out the five or six who are closest to you right now," Meyers said. "Everything could change tomorrow . . . I don't know if I'd say Nancy is intimidating, although that's a good word for it. But she definitely is awesome.

Lopez's round included three birdies, one eagle and one bogey.

"I made a few putt, but not as many as I wanted to," Lopez said. "But I feel good and I think I'm playing well. I'm still in there. nobody is really shooting super today that I can see. Yesterday there were a lot of good stores, but today there aren't as many."

Referring to the fact that most of the leaders are not exactly household names, Lopez speculated on them to sty in front.

"Experiencewise, some of the girls have a little more experience than those at the top," Lopez said. "But they're playing well and they're learining. At one time, I was like that.

"When I first came out and was in the lead, I was wondering what to do with it. I wondered if I could handle the pressure."

Lopez again found the greens slow at Pine Ridge, the tournament that launched her on her nine-tournament winning streak last year.

"I was really hitting well and getting the ball closer to the hole than I was yesterday," she said. "I was stroking the ball well, but leaving a lot of them short."

Lopez said she is having the two-iron she accidentally left home shipped here today.