Bill McPeak is back in pro football, good news to many who admired his class act as coach of the Redskins 1961-65, never mind that his team was outmanned by the opposition.

McPeak was booted from his last full-time NFL post in January 1975, or 10 months after a stroke left his left arm and leg partially paralyzed. Don Shula removed him then as receivers coach of the Miami Dolphins, to which McPeak responded, "It doesn't do any good to be bitter. They more or less carried me last year. Hell, I couldn't contribute much and we all knew it."

When McPeak took over the Redskins on Dec. 19, 1960, he became the youngest coach in the league (34). Ow, the shady side of 50, it's a new lease on life for the old Pittsburgh Steeler end (1949-57), who has adjusted to his handicaps, and swings from four years in private business to take over as the New England Patriots' chief of pro scouting.

You know McPeak has come a long way as a judge of talent since the 1961 draft when he persuaded owner George Preston Marshall to let him take Norman Snead instead of Marshall's choice, Fran Tarkenton. In his dual compacity as general manager, MacPeak turned it around with his 1964 trade of Snead for Sonny Jurgensen.