Stan Vinson won the men's 400-meter sprint in 45.70 seconds for the United States' fourth gold medal and Marina Makeeva of the Soviet Union took the women's 400-meter hurdles in the world-record time of 54.78 seconds at the Spartakiade today.

Vinson, 27, out of Eastern Michigan University, led from start to finish and easily turned back a homestretch bid by Nikolay Chernecky of the Soviet Union, second in 46.05. Donald Udo of Nigeria was third in 46.15.

Ron Harris of the University of Tennessee was sixth in 46.33.

The United States also picked up a silver medal, when Karen Hawkin placed in the women's 200 meters. The 22-year-old springer from St. Louis once again finished second to Ludmila Kondrateva of the Soviet Union, who also beat her in the 100-meter final. The winner's time in the 200 was 22.63 seconds, with Hawkin second in 23.06. Marina Sidorova of the Soviet Union took the bronze in 23.45.

Makeeva, a 19-year-old student in her first year of hurdle competition, caused a sensation. After 100 meters she had already taken a clear lead on former world record holder Tatyana Zelencova, also of the Soviet Union, and she kept on going to the finish.

The U.S. men's basketball team suffered an 85-68 loss to Leningrad in the semifinal game held at Vilnius, Lithuania.

Nelli Kim, Russia's Olympic darling from 1976, captured three gold medals in the women's gymnastics finals, taking the vault, uneven bars and the floor exercises.